Three “flashing and dancing” days as UHD/HDR supervisor on behalf of BET Base of Expert Training | Michael Mücher for RTL Deutschland and the MMC Studios Köln GmbH at the production of “Let’s Dance” in Cologne.

This year, the production of Let’s Dance, the German version of the BBC original format “Strictly Come Dancing”, reaches a new level in Ultra High Definition, High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut.

Since our workshop with RTL Motion Design in January, the opener and all bumpers and (some?) graphics will be available in UHD/HDR/WCG for the 2024 series. Clearly: Next Level! A great next step on the way to a complete production in UHD/HDR/WCG.

However, an HLG workaround for the graphics is still necessary within the Single Stream PQ production, because the manufacturer Ross Video unfortunately does not support PQ in its XPression graphics system yet.

Next Level is also Grass Valley ‘s new “Black Contrast” feature. All LDX 86N are therefore operated natively in Perceptual Quantizer. As a result of this, PQ has exactly the same characteristics in the dark parts of the image as it has in SDR. This is a real benefit, especially for LE shows with changing haze and backlit situations, because it allows the vision engineers to keep the contrast perception of the images stable, either with closed-loop shading via a DownMapper or natively in PQ.

The lighting team takes care of light levels with complete dual monitoring in SDR and PQ at all positions – Closed-Loop Lighting! Good monitoring builds trust in a new workflow and enables good decision-making.

And by the way… Universal Global Selective Light is just as much of a win as a good espresso 😎.

Excellent images across all distribution channels and a big step on the learning curve – that’s what BET is all about. If you want to benefit from our experience…

It was a lot of fun again. Many thanks to the entire MMC team as well as Udo Rath and Stefan Flören from the LichtUnit GmbH for the great cooperation and a lot of fun with the setup for the entire series 💃🏼🕺🏽!

#GlanzBrillanzEleganz #HDR #HDRsupervisor #LiveProduction #NITSsindALLES

You can find specialist knowledge, even without a workshop, in the BET technical dictionary:

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